Pursue effective management of the Australian bush

The mission statement is very task-orientated and not intended to get into strategies or tactics that will be developed as appropriate. The mission may change depending on what we see as needing to be our focus at that time.

In the modern history of Victoria there have been numerous examples where a failure to manage the bush that in addition to the damage done to flora and fauna, water quality and soil stability were also damaged. Such catastrophic fires have periodically come out of the bush to adversely affect settled areas, the most recent being the 2019/20 Mallacoota fire.

Clearly, our mission statement: “Pursue effective management of the Australian bush” must take account of the broader ramifications of fire in the bush. Consequently, The Howitt Society pursues effective emergency arrangements for both prevention and response to minimise all bushfire loss from the social, economic and environmental perspectives.

Aftermath of the Wye River fire on a dwelling in the township

Amongst other methods of pursuit of the mission, The Howitt Society has a Public Facebook Group and to help spread the message and provide an opportunity for those who follow the Group to ask questions and seek feedback from their peers.

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