International experience

Many of the issues faced in land management in Australia are replicated throughout the world whether it be desertification, de-forestation, reforestation, grassland depletion, habitat loss, etc.

Just as the problem is shared worldwide, many of the available solutions are also being enacted in different parts of the world.

Wildfires in California

What is California doing to protect lives and properties?

The LA Times published an interesting article about California’s forest thinning projects and how successful they are in stopping wildfires.

This article refers to these research papers on this topic:

Syphard, Alexandra D.; Keeley, John E. and Brennan, Teresa J. (2011) Comparing the role of fuel breaks across southern California national forestsForest Ecology and Management 261:11, 2038-2048. DOI 10.1016/j.foreco.2011.02.030

In 2019 Cal Fire published a Fact Sheet on Emergency Proclamation on Wildfire Risk. For more reports from Cal Fire, have a look at Resources & Links.